Friday, January 4, 2013

Nerd is not bad

Quiet people are often identified studious, nerdy, nerd, smart. In fact there are people say, the fool will look smart when silent. But its alright when people considered you as a smart one. If you do not want to be a nerd. Expand your horizons, for example you know about music, movies, games, latest news, etc..

Being smart does not have to be identical with the nerd or weird. What is the reason they think you like it? That's what needs to change. Or because you look like a nerd? wear thick glasses, hair parted in the middle, dress shirts and buttons up top. Hehehe,,, I'm sure you're not like that right? If it's, please change! You may change your look as far as you are comfortable. Do not be too forced. All you have to remember, you should still be yourself.
If you're not comfortable with the treatment of the people around you, you should be able to say "NO". Let them realize that if you do not like the same bad treatment they are to you.